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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to go through a vet office?


              No, you can bring your pet directly to us any time during our office hours.

Do you do euthanizations? 


            No, we cannot perform euthanizations. However, you can still bring them directly

to us after the appointment.

Can I bring my pet to you myself?

              Yes. You can drop off your pet at anytime during our office hours.

Do I need an appointment?

             No, you do not need to book an appointment to bring in your pet. However, if you would like to call ahead of time we will gladly discuss procedure with you. 

How do I know if the remains I'm getting back really belong to my pet?

           Here at SVPC we take care of each pet individually. Every pet has an identification card that stays with them before, during, and after cremation. Our private cremation process and form of identification ensures that you'll take home your own pet. 

How long will it take to get my pet's cremated remains back? 

           We will call you to inform your pet is ready in 1-3 business days after drop off.

What payment types do you accept?

           We except all forms of payment.  

Can I fill out paperwork ahead of time?

          Yes, you can take home the paperwork or fill it out in our office ahead of time. Payment cannot be excepted ahead of time. 

Can my pet's toy be cremated with them?

          Yes, but it depends on the material. Things like rubber, plastic, or silicone cannot be cremated with them.

What do you do with carriers or blankets that are left behind?


          When items that can still be of use are left behind we donate them to our local animal rescues and services.

Do obituaries cost anything? How can I submit one?

           Our memorials are done at no charge. You can submit your obituary by emailing us or taking an obituary form from our office.

What do I do if my pet passes after hours or on the weekend?

           If your pet passes and you are unable to come in right away we recommend to keep them cold until you can come in.

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