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Urns, Jewelry, and Paw Prints

Here at Saginaw Valley we believe that every pet is a unique individual. As such,we strive to offer a variety of memorial options. We have many styles of urns available, ranging from simple and sleek to detailed and fancy! We also offer quite a few jewelry options (all of which hold a portion of your beloved pets ashes) including necklaces, keychains, and bracelets. Lastly we also offer a number of paw print options. The paw prints are taken with love and care from your pet (after they receive a paw-dicure) to ensure we get the best prints possible for you to treasure.



In our Pet Office you can view the wide variety of urns we offer. We are constantly searching for new styles and affordable options so we can have the perfect resting place for every pet.

Our urn prices range from $10-$200


Keep your buddy close. We offer many different jewelry options to suit your individual style! Each piece of jewelry can hold a small portion of cremains so you can keep your friend at your side.

Our jewelry prices range from $20-$40


Paw Prints

We have a number of different options for memorializing your pets paw print.

Ink- this option involves inking the pets paw (and nose in the case of dogs) and pressing their paw to paper. This is the best option for those that want a memorial tattoo.

Clay- This option is for a stand alone clay memorial. I can do a circle for any size pet or a heart for small pets.

Deluxe Memorial Frame- This frame comes with your pets paw print in clay, a space for their photo, a vial of their fur, and space to attach their tag!

Black or White Photo Frame- This frame option comes with your pets paw print in clay and a space for their photo.

Blue Photo Box- This box comes with your pets paw print in clay and a space for their photo. Can be closed and the front reads "Until We Meet Again At The Rainbow Bridge"

*All clay options can be done in a variety of colors! We use an air dry foam clay, so when it dries it is very lightweight and far less fragile than the ceramic clays.

Our paw print prices range from $25-$60


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